20Cancellation Policy 

Sometimes problems are caused by clients not turning up for appointments or cancelling the same day, or on very little notice. This means those appointments cannot then be offered to other clients. 
Our mediators are very busy. Many are booking sessions a month ahead. Additionally, in the case of outpost offices, rooms have been booked and rent will be payable whether or not you turn up.  When appointments are cancelled at short notice – less than 4 days ahead of the appointment – there is a cancellation charge of £60. On a second cancellation we will charge a deposit of £120 when rebooking. This is then set off against the cost of future sessions and deducted from the last bill, so it costs nothing if you do not cancel again. Mediators have discretion to waive cancellation charges in exceptional cases. The cost to us of a lost booking is well over £100. The cost to our other clients who are waiting for appointments is even more. We have to be fair to everyone. The mediator reserves the right to stop the mediation if constant cancellations are a problem. 
We trust you appreciate we have adopted this policy in the interests of meeting the needs of all our clients as promptly and efficiently as possible. Your co-operation is appreciated.