Many people have pre-conceived ideas about how mediation is to be paid for. Some believe that it is an expensive service, others that it is free, and yet more are not aware that legal aid is still available for mediation. Mediation is a cost-effective method of discussing issues following on from your separation for most people, whether paying privately or for those who have a low income and can satisfy Legal Aid’s demands for documentary evidence. In addition, if one of you is entitled to legal aid, there are other benefits in that the assessment becomes free, as does the first mediation appointment. This is a real help to those who are concerned about paying costs which would better be put towards the separated family. For those who pay privately, we have concessionary rates for those who just miss legal aid on a low income and with limited savings.
There is always an assessment meeting beforehand for a fixed cost (or free if legal aid) and you will hear full details of costs of mediation during that meeting so that you will be aware of what your outlay will be for the mediation process. There will be, no doubt, many worries that you will both have during this situation and being fully aware of what this process will cost should set your minds at rest.
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