Housing in the South East, particularly in St AlbansWatford and Hemel Hempstead area is particularly expensive due to good transport links, and our proximity to London.
A major question for separating couples – is where will we be able to live? What about the children?
boardsHousing needs and options
Both of you may previously have lived in properties you owned with a mortgage.
Often you may be concerned about your mortgage capacity – how much could you borrow and how much would it cost? The mediator can give you legal information in mediation and you can get independent financial advice.
If there is not enough equity and/or borrowing capacity, then you may need to consider alternative housing options such as Housing Associations’ properties.
Look at your local associations e.g. the Hightown Housing Association on 01442 292300 or their website http://www.hpcha.org.uk which has useful information on it.
What about Shared Ownership? There may be some part rented part owned (affordable) housing for you? It is more secure than straightforward rented and you stay on the property ladder and can usually increase the size of your owned share later by buying more.
Other useful websites
See the Hertfordshire County Council website at:
Come to find out how you can sort out your separation constructively, fast and affordably with our mediators. At the first meeting (MIAM) the mediation process is explained to you, so you know what to do and can get on with it. Mediation is a very practical way to sort things out. You will usually bring along your financial information to the first actual mediation session so we can work through it together in mediation, and draw up a schedule of your income, assets and liabilities. This is then set out in an Open Financial Statement with all documents in support, so your solicitors can advise you as to your reasonable goal posts for a settlement. As mediators we help you formulate options and give neutral legal information in your mediation. We like to describe ourselves as trouble-shooters! Mediation is a good way to resolve your problems and move on.