Some more half term suggestions for separated parents wanting to entertain their children. Happy Holidays from
Focus Mediation!
Imagine Children’s Festival on the South Bank
The Imagine Children’s festival takes place on the South Bank from 9th February to 22nd February where the children take over the South Bank and there are shows and activities for all ages involving theatre, music, comedy, dressing up, poetry and more :
Some highlights include:
For younger children

  • Charlie and Lola’s Bestest play (for age 3 plus) on every day 2 or 3 times a day
  • Pip and Posy by the Gruffalo writer, Axel Schaffer’s Pip       (age 3-6) Friday 20th February

For the older child 8/9 plus –

  • Anthony Horowitz – 9 plus
  • the “greatest comic making show on earth with The Etherington Brothers” Thursday 19th February 11.30 and 2.30pm
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid – 8 plus Friday 20th at 11
  • a lesson in Dangerology (“discover what to do if a shark comes out of the loo or a volcano erupts underneath your house”.) 8 plus ( book tickets.) Monday 16th at 3.15pm

For 3-11 year olds there is a Pirate School every say from Saturday 14th to Sunday 22nd 3 or 4 times a day (book tickets} where parents get to stay and watch. As well as lots of Alice in Wonderland themed activities to celebrate its 150th anniversary –activities to numerous to mention. Tickets need to be booked for several events- sooner rather than later.
Imperial War Museum Workshops:
The Imperial War Museum has exhibitions ranging from the First and Second World Wars to Afghanistan and a Holocaust exhibition for over 14’s. Thought provoking and good for an extended age range.
Mini Vault
This underground space beneath Waterloo station has 3 weekends of shows and events for families with children up to age 11- the pdf document on the website shows ages and activities in one place :
The Horniman Museum:
Visitors say that it is a joy for adults and children! It has a natural history museum with a very fetching large walrus as its centerpiece. It has plenty for everyone. It has an impressive collection of taxidermy, African art, musical instruments, and an aquarium and a petting zoo (as well as decent coffee for parents) to name but a few of its features , visitors say it is good for young children, has something for everyone and the gardens are also particularly fine on a sunny day.
The Science Museum
The website splits activities into age groups which makes it handy for planning a trip. The new Information Age gallery may appeal to some older children.
The Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition at the Natural History Museum
Nature at its best with some of the most amazing photographs you will have the pleasure of seeing.
And finally…

  • If your children enjoy taking part in workshops and making things the following ideas work well:
  • Museum of London, British Museum, V & A, Design Museum, London Transport Museum (often running half term workshops)
  • Art galleries such as the Tate Modern, the National Gallery Tate Britain all have workshops over the holidays. See, for example, the Tate Modern’s plentiful offerings:

1.     Events

Daily activities: Tate Modern

Open Studio: Ooo Mmm

Every weekend. Additionally, Thursdays and Fridays during holidays, 11.00–13.00 and 14.00–16.00
Ooooooooos running down the wall, mysterious mmmms creeping around in the shadows, tired, floppy wwws hanging around.  What does language look…
Special event: Tate Modern

Tuttle Families

Saturday 14 February 2015, 12.00 – 16.00
Weave in, out and around. Flock together and apart.  Weave your way through the Turbine Hall as you move your body to an original soundtrack,…

  1. Courses and workshops: Tate Modern

Reach Out event: How We Learn

Tuesday 24 March 2015, 10.00 – 13.00
Calling all Instagram users! Come, create and see your image in a mass installation within the Reach Out exhibition at Tate Modern. Work with…
Daily activities: Tate Modern


Every weekend. Additionally, Thursdays and Fridays during holidays, 11.00–16.00
Liminal is a participatory sculpture for families, inviting you to experiment with shape, form and composition – inspired by the art and…
Daily activities: Tate Modern

Sonic Weave . Exploring Silk and Viscose Through Sound

Saturdays and Sundays plus school holidays Thursdays and Friday, 11.00–16.00
Listen to the sound of silk worms eating mulberry leaves, viscose being chemically synthesised, fibres being spun on a spindle and explanations…
Event series

Listen. Sonic trails for children and families

Saturdays and Sundays plus school holidays Thursdays and Fridays
Experience Tate through sound-scapes especially created for families by musicians and sound artists.  Borrow a set of headphones and an MP3…
If there are activities your children have particularly enjoyed and you would be happy to share them, do feel free to post on our Facebook page or  send a Tweet