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Coronavirus Update October 2021

We are open for business, just working differently at the moment. We are doing remote MIAMs online.

We are able to mediate online remotely and your mediator will explain how at your MIAMs.

Even courts are likely to work remotely and court timetables for hearings are likely to extend massively. Expect big delays. Also emergency applications will take priority over routine child arrangements and resolving financial applications on divorce. 

Yet people will still need to sort things out and we can help you do this quickly and in a practical way. We are also offering MEDARB so should mediation fail or partially succeed you can get a fast decision to fill in any gaps.

Life must go on and we want to continue to help our clients and referring lawyers in the best way possible – by helping people agree what to do, not helping them argue or leaving them stuck without any help.

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I found the process to be, in the circumstances, a smooth and efficient way of dealing with the financial and other arrangements during separation when it was impossible to negotiate personally and financially impossible to use the normal legal routes. Sessions were calm and ordered and both mediators helped navigate the process very well.
Focus Mediation client

Child arrangements

Solve child arrangements with Focus Mediation

Children keep telling me they want to be heard. Direct Consultation with them allows their wishes and feelings to be taken into account.

Jane Leadbeater – Focus Mediator

Mediate a practical, affordable divorce with Focus Mediation

I am committed to helping you see the big picture – that your family assets are more than money and include future relationships.

Pernilla Hatter – Focus Mediator

Focus Mediation for probate disputes

“Families arguing over Wills and Powers of Attorney should mediate to avoid losing precious relationships as well as their loved one.”

Mary Banham-Hall, LLB FMCA

A nationally recognised leader in dispute resolution.

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After my first session with Sara I felt totally at total ease. It’s very overwhelming thinking that you are meeting a stranger to discuss your faults or failings. Sara was understanding, very reassuring and this helped me get everything out and move forward. I would 100% recommend Focus Mediation and in particular Sara Stoner; she has been amazing.
Focus Mediation client

Child Arrangements