Workshops & Seminars 

Relational Mediation - A Practical Seminar With Bill Hewlett - 28 & 29 March 2017  Some comments and feedback from the attendees:  “There were fifteen delegates – more than expected, and a very lively bunch we were too!  “Bill kept us on the edge of our seats for two days with a fascinating demonstration of how to create empathy with clients, fill them with positive regard and win their trust. This can change the way they think about their ex-partner and will make co-operation as parents much more likely.  “We learnt about the all-important Parental Alliance, which is the key to helping parents set their differences aside and resolve conflict.” – Caroline Friend, family lawyer and accredited mediator. Event’s organiser  “Exploring a very different model of mediation – focus on the parental relationship as a building block for change … Enjoyable and challenging.” – Ed Rawlings, Partner, Wilson Browne  “A new approach… a great course.” – Claire Colbert, Partner, Freeths Solicitors  “You have filled in the gaps in my understanding which prevented me from accessing people’s best selves.” – Anon 

Clients stuck in a cycle of blame? 
Angry? Unable to move on? 
Relational Mediation is a two-day, intensive course providing the skills for practioners working with families entrenched in conflict. The workshop, through the use of actors, will provide a strong practical focus on the subtle and delicate skills required to bring about a series of transformative shifts in parents, helping them gain a broader perspective on why they are in conflict, what effect this has had on their children and how they might manage their parental alliance in the future.  
What Participants Will Learn 
To gain an accessible and applicable working knowledge of attachment theory, neurobiology and trauma theory. 
How to help the parent to have 'flashes of insight' into how they are contributing to their conflict with the other parent.How to identify and manage these problems in your practice. 
How to deeply engage with a parent without endangering impartiality and neutrality. 
To re-humanise the 'other' parent and to encourage empathy. 
Narrative therapy skills to 'shift the blame' away from the people and onto the problem (the relationship) 

  Trainer: Bill Hewlett 

Bill Hewlett is the former Clinical Services Specialist in Family Dispute Resolution with Relationships Australia, and a lead trainer for the Australian Institute for Relationships Studies, responsible for the clinical practice of six mediation centres. 
Bill Hewlett - Focus Mediation Conference Mar 2017
Bill has developed an innovative and effective training model of practice, which responds to the current challenges of the family law system specialising in working with highly conflicted clients. 
Bill has published numerous articles on family issues and is frequently invited to present at conference and events internationally and through-out, including the FMA and Resolution. 
Some more testimonials from past seminars: 
"One of the most amazing and instructive afternoons I have spent" 
James Pirrie, Solicitor, Mediator, Arbitrator and Collaborative Lawyer, Family Law in Partnership. London. 
"Excellent course, incisive and informative. I am inspired to use it in my practice" 
Annie Ives, Barrister, Mediator, Focus Mediation, Milton Keynes.