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Why choose Focus Mediation in St Albans? 
If you are looking for help with separation or divorce, and you live in or around St Albans, you have come to the right place. 
Mediation is the new way to approach divorce and separation. You can discuss how best to share your parenting focusing on the children’s needs. It can be a worry as to how you are going to manage financially. We can work with you, look at your budgets and sort out a plan that makes it possible for you both to go forward. 
Your Focus mediator will help you negotiate the settlement that you feel suits you both, speeding up the process and dramatically cutting your costs. Focus works with you at your pace, efficiently and cost effectively to help you sort everything out. Our mediators work full time on family mediation: they have chosen to specialise in family mediation because they believe that it is a positive way forward for separating family. Focus mediators are family mediation specialists who have mediated for hundreds of couples – and this experience shows. 
Focus Mediator in St Albans 
Emma Bugg FMCA has mediated family breakdown for Focus in St Albans since 2010. She practiced in this area as a family solicitor for over 20 years before that, so she knows what your lawyer will be looking for in any mediated agreement. She has a calm, practical, non-judgemental approach. 
Emma is a member of the college of Mediators and is qualified to Directly Consult with Children (DCC) and also as a Professional Practice Consultant (PPC). Emma is also Accredited by the Family Mediation Council. 
As a family mediator, Emma helps separating couples to resolve issues in a way that suits their family and avoid the emotional and financial cost of going to court. 
Emma Bugg FMCA 
Emma sees clients in Hemel Hempstead and St Albans. Emma is committed to the constructive resolution of family disputes and to helping her clients to see the big picture – that their family assets are more than just bricks and mortar and money, they include future relationships. 
Emma believes in the healing power of looking at the situation as a shared problem: you are both worried about what lies ahead; you both need solutions. She is also aware that children benefit enormously from a settlement, which is reached amicably: she will help you achieve this. 


Focus is unique in St Albans 
All our mediators are specially trained and are experienced in family dynamics: if you need to sort out a suitable arrangement for the children to spend their time with both parents, we can help with this. We will help you to make the best possible plan for your family, individually tailored to your families needs. We know that this area is an expensive one to live in and it can seem an impossible task to find 2 new homes. 
We are also qualified to consult with your children if you think it would help to hear what they think. This is a specialist area, which needs both parents consent, but if you and your partner have different impressions of what the children want, it can be revealing and helpful to ask the mediator to talk to them, in confidence, and then feed back to you. Children have told us that they appreciated an opportunity to be heard. 
Only our lawyer mediators will work with you on financial cases so you can be sure that we have the knowledge and expertise to guide you towards a settlement, which you will be then be able take to your lawyer to be approved by a Judge. 
To get you off to a good start at the initial meeting (your ‘MIAM’) we will go through the Form E and explain how you can fill in and give you helpful instructions on the information that you need to collect, so that you come to your first joint session all ready to start work. This saves you time and money. We aim to help you to resolve your issues in 3 or 4 sessions! 
We offer concessionary rates to those on a low income, Go to the section on costs on our website to see how much you would pay for your mediation. Your costs are known from the start and you ‘pay as you go’, so it is easy to budget and there are no surprises.